HELP: VB Server using Winsock/VB 5.0

HELP: VB Server using Winsock/VB 5.0

Post by RG » Sat, 29 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Any experience/knowlege?

I'm trying to make a VB server (particularly a multi-threaded server) using
Winsock and VB 5.0.

I have a few questions.



1. VB program as RPC and/or TCP server using winsock?

Basically I "just" want a VB example program that implements a TCP/IP
server in Visual Basic.

I've found one book that covers implementing *client* programs using
Visual Basic and winsock... but that book had a single statement about
implementing a *server* that boiled down to "it's too hard and beyond
the scope of this book".

My application requires a TCP server running on Windows NT that will
wait for a client to send it a message and return some data.  The
server is a VB 3.0 app, the client is a CGI perl script.  The
interaction is fairly simple: client sends a command string, server
sends data back and disconnects.

In fact I'd be happy to have a copy of source for http on NT, if there
is such a thing?  It's very similar to what I want to do.

Does anyone have any experience along these lines they'd like to

Any pointers to specific source, shareware VBXs, or books would be
greatly appreciated.

I've investigated 3rd-party VBXs and DLLs, and although there are some
out there that should work, they seem like overkill -- and they charge
runtime licensing fees.


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