Two IP address in a single machine with two different Names ??

Two IP address in a single machine with two different Names ??

Post by Eshany » Sat, 06 Mar 1999 04:00:00


Assume you have two NIC cards in the same machine. Now, can each IP
address be associated with two different machine name in the same domain
?  If yes, can it be done using API calls (anyway network configuration
wont support this..).



1. Two machines listening the same IP address

I wrote a custom web server, using winsock.

For fault tolerance, I want to run this web server in two or more machines. My
objective is that if, at least, one machine is working the service will be

The machines can comunicate among themselves and detect if any other machine
has crashed. They can also use HTTP redirect to do load balance.

The problem is that external users will try to access the service using a DNS
name (say which will be resolved to one IP

If I have only one machine bound to this IP address and if this machine is
down their attempt to access the service will fail in spite of the other
(working) machines.

Is there a (non messy) way to bind two machines to the same ip address ?

What else can I do ?

How do general purpose web servers like IIS and Apache solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance,


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