Need help building a filter graph with filters from Creative Video Blaster card

Need help building a filter graph with filters from Creative Video Blaster card

Post by Peter Mober » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:34:26

I'm trying to build a filter graph in the Graph Edit tool (DirectX9,
WindowsXP SP1). I have added a VBVCR TvTuner filter first where the Analog
Video is connected to the VBVCR Crossbar Video Tuner In. The Video Decoder
Out is then connected to the VBVCR Capture filter but after that I can't get
any further. I don't know what filter to connect to the Capture Output pin
of the Capture filter. It has the following media format...

Major Type:  Video - Sub Type:  MPEG2_VIDEO - Format:  UYVY 720x480, 16 bits

I would like to send it to a renderer so I can watch some tv but none of the
video renderers seems to be ok to connect with.




1. Creative Video Blaster Video Capture filter don't have a preview pin.

I have been trying to build a analog tv graph using the Filter Editor and I
have noticed that the Creative Video Blaster Video Capture filter doesn't
have a preview pin. It only has a Render pin for the video. What does this
mean? Does it mean that the card is always capturing the TV input to disk?
Seems kinda limiting if you only want to show TV on the screen without any
Time Shift operation going...

If anyone have any experience with this card I would be interested to know..



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