<<< Large Txt File Exporting Problems with Access 2.0 >>>

<<< Large Txt File Exporting Problems with Access 2.0 >>>

Post by ljoh.. » Thu, 12 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hello Everyone,

   I am having problems exporting a table that resides in a MS Access 2.0
database.  The database is 7+MB and any form of export fails at various points.
 Exporting smaller tables is no problem.  The actual message I receive on all
four computers I have tested this procedure on is:

MSACCESS caused a General Protection Fault in
 module MSAJT200.DLL at (*memory location*)

One computer is running Windows 95, one 3.1 and the other two 3.11.  My computer
is a P120 with 24MB of RAM so memory is not a problem.  All computers are
configured differently but all receive the same error.  I disable all network functions and
created a 30MB swap file ... neither helped.

Has anyone else experienced this problem while trying to export large tables to
a txt file???  Is there a special memory configuration needed or any flags in
the INI files that should be turned on ???  Any help or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated!!!!!  I know this has to work some way ... MSACCESS not
being able to do what DOS dBASE III could do five years ago <smile> ... couldn't

Thanks in advance.

Lori Johnson
Micro Systems Specialist
Associated Grocers, Inc.
Baton Rouge


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