Can't Access [SOUNDS] in Win 95 Win.ini

Can't Access [SOUNDS] in Win 95 Win.ini

Post by Bobby Sixkill » Wed, 22 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Ive written a program that accesses the WIN.INI file to replace system
sounds,it works for WIN 3.x  but the problem Im facing is that Win95 does
not seem to have those sounds anywhere in a visible file....I access the
win95 WIN.INI and find ..


thats it.....where windows 3.1 has..

SystemHand=chord.wav,Critical Stop
SystemDefault=C:\WINDOWS\BEEP.WAV,Default Beep
SystemExit=C:\PAKI.WAV,Windows Exit
SystemStart=C:\WINDOWS\OPENING.WAV,Windows Start
Ive also written a searching program that effectively searches through all
the files ont the harddrive, for a given string (not whole words only, or
case sensitivity).Anyway,I used this program to search for ("wav")
("sound") ("BEEP.wav") {a wave file in my current settings}, and a bunch
of other logical keywords, what Ive found is nothing at all, sure the
program finds the keywords in a bunch of files, like......
("wav") as> SND=C:\WAVE\wave.exe ^.SND.....or in some text
file, but never what Im looking for. so as you can see,Ive exausted every
possibility of finding it myself, if you know how to find it, please let
me know! Im not looking for how to change it from control panel, but
rather how to access it in the file itself!

thanks in advance


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