Saving default printer in WIN.INI

Saving default printer in WIN.INI

Post by Alfred Itcho » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

How do you save the printer selected in the Print Setup dialog box when
pressing the OK button?  I'm using the PrintDlg function to display the
dialog box.

Al Itchon


1. Use WIN.INI [ports] defaults with OpenComm() - HOW?


I am prgramming an application that gets input via the serial ports

My Problem:
After issuing OpenComm(...), the serial port seems to be set at
9600,n,8,1,x regardless of what is selected using the Windows system
controls (CONTROL.EXE).
The WIN.INI [ports] settings are correct according to these settings,
but seem to be ignored.

I would like my application to use the default setting done there.
HOW do I do that?

Another thing: I have tried to make the serial setup dialog pop up.
I am doing an OpenDriver('comm.drv','boot',0), but always get zero as
result. What is the third parameter supposed to mean?

In general, is there any info on comm.drv available?

Thanks for any help!
! chsig: error 102 while reading ~/sig.lst

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