retain in Access

retain in Access

Post by Mr Aaron Heung Kwong L » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 00:25:24


I want to set the default value of a field to the previous record so that
I don't need to type it again and again. I know that in dbase it's
retain., but I can't figure out the answer for Access. Pls help me by
dropping some lines to my email a/c .




1. retain or not retain on init?

In an application I am debugging I found that in the init of some classes I
would find:
phonenumbers = [NSArray array];
and in other classes I found this:
connections= [[NSArray array] retain];

This surprised me, shouldn't it always be retained?

BTW, does [[NSArray alloc] init] automatically retain the object? Any idea
where I can get more info on this?



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