MDI and the 'RESTORE' button

MDI and the 'RESTORE' button

Post by Evan Camiller » Sun, 24 May 1998 04:00:00

I need to remove the restore button of an MDI.  I removed easily the
maximize and minimize by the SetWindowLong...but you cannot remove the
restore button.....or not?

Evan Camilleri
Holistic Technologies Limited (Malta)
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1. Q: Maximized MDI child windows won't minimize or restore

I have an MDI application with three MDI child windows. When I maximize any
of them, I can not minimize or restore them. The application does not handle
this automatically, nor is a WM_SYSCOMMAND or VM_SIZE sent. I can however
choose 'Cascade' in the Windowsmenu and get the maximized child window to
restore itself.

How can I activate these two buttons when a child window is maximized?


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