Post by sergi » Wed, 19 Jul 2000 04:00:00

i have this slide show,

every X seconds it changes the

background brush,
removes the 3 pix (static ownerdraws)
invaliadatesretc for entire parent window
then goes to the next slide

this is a loop,
well every 9 loops it wont do the updatewindow, the new slides get painted
but over the old ones which dont go away.......

i have debugged this in everyway, and am sooooo lost....its the same code,
and i even put a sleep line in between taken each STATIC window down so i
can see it disappear, but on every 9th loop, it wont take the pic down

am even using movewindow(child, 0, 0, 0, 0, TRUE);
InvalidateRect(PARENT, NULL, TRUE);

and still....every ninth loop, the child windows do NOT go anywhere...i am
even making sure i destroy the bitmap handle used in the wm_drawitem comannd
before taking down the window...

is this strange or what????


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I'm making a small application which draws directly to the background.
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NULL as the second parameter, it works fine, but then it redraws the intire
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still sent to the application, but when I call some drawing functions,
nothing happens. They do not return error messageses either. Can anybody
give a hint to where the problem might lie?

Thanks in advance,
Per Rasmussen.

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