Windows printer drivers vs. MS-DOS printer drivers

Windows printer drivers vs. MS-DOS printer drivers

Post by E Matchmak » Fri, 17 Sep 1993 05:43:56

Is the only difference between MS-DOS and Windows printer device drivers
that a Windows driver includes the ExtDeviceMode function and an
appropriately set DEVMODE structure?

Also, how do you set the DeviceCaps, as obtained with GetDeviceCaps,
in a device driver.

Any pointers that aren't "buy the kit" are welcome.


1. Printer specific ESCAPE codes through a Windows printer driver

I'm currently attempting to control printer specific features using the
PASSTHROUGH variant of the printing Escape function call:

    Escape( hDC , PASSTHROUGH , nCount , lpInData , NULL );

This is because our software has to print to a text only dot-matrix till roll
printer, and use a paper cut feature after each printout. Unfortunately there
isn't a Windows specific printer driver for this printer (a Star SP300) so
I've been using the Generic/Text Only driver. Or at least we weren't supplied
with one. d8-(

It prints out fine through this, but whenever I try to use the aforementioned
Escape() call to send the ESC,'d',0x00 paper cut command, as well as a couple
of simple double width expanded control code, Escape() returns 0. This
indicates that 0 bytes were successfully sent to the printer. If I use the
Epson FX100 driver, then most of my escape codes are rejected as being not
implemented, although the paper cut code works just fine. Unfortunately I can't
seem to control the FX100's text printing: it double spaces lines and for some
odd reason form feeds continually through the till roll paper supply until I
switch the printer off.

So in effect I've can get correct text output from the Generic/Text only (no
control codes) and paper cutting from the FX100 driver (incorrect text/form

Does anybody have any idea's what I can try next?

Stuart Booth

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