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Will somebody surfing out there please help me!!!!

I am trying to pull out the print/print preview capability alone from MFC
and package it into a DLL. Has anybody done anything along these lines if
so I need a "guiding light". It has to be a DLL as the client application
is in Visual Basic. Answers appreciated asap.


1. Rich Edit Control Printing Problem (like the print preview problem)

I've been using the Windows Rich Edit Control to add RTF to some software.
Problem is that when  I print out, what happens is that the text on the
can be 'clipped'. I know there is a known problem with print preview with
the RichEdit (problem has been around for a while but 'mysteriously' wasnt
for windows 98) - and this is like a less dramatic version of the same
Basically I use the same RichEdit to draw to different areas of the same
by repeatedly loading it with data then FormatRange - ing it to the screen /

I can't see how its a 'clip rect' thats doing if - what I mean is say I have
a control
.. *every* line (not just the longest one) can be 'unfinished' - bits or
even full
letters can be missing.

Its strange cos sometimes it prints fine, then a subtle change somewhere
can cause the problem to appear just in certain places.
Any suggestions? I've searched the newsgroups for a solution and I couldn't
see it - although the search gave the impression the RichEdit is .. erm ..
not quite as bulletproof and robust as it could be..:)
(I've printed from Windows95 and Windows98 to an HP4000TN, the rich edit is
wrapped using an MFC CRichEditCtrl, compiled using MSVC++ 6)
Thanks in advance,

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