Printer driver & vxd installation problem.

Printer driver & vxd installation problem.

Post by Scott Hil » Tue, 06 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

        I'm trying to add, to my printer driver installation, the ability to
install a (required) static VxD, now I can get the VxD to be copied into
the windows\system folder, no problem, however, I can't get it to add a
device= entry for my VxD to the 386Enh section in system.ini ! I have an
UpdateInis section and it's definatly doing something, but nothing I try
just adds the entry. From the docs, it would seem I should be able to do :


        But this doesn't work ! What am I doing wrong ?

        Also, on a related point, is it possible to get windows to restart after
installing the printer driver ? (So that my static VxD can be loaded).

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