Win32s memory under Windows 3.1

Win32s memory under Windows 3.1

Post by Julie Melb » Fri, 26 Nov 1993 02:16:27

Quick clarifcation if possible. Under NT, Using GlobalAlloc(*) routines
is not needed/recommended, etc but rather new/malloc. When this same
Win32s compliant app runs under Windows 3.1/Win32s, is there anything that
should be done to make the memory allocation be most efficient?
Runtime differences in allocated blocks sizes, etc for application defined
suballocators? And/or any comprable thing to do such as LocalAlloc that
can be done in a native Win 3.1 app?

I'm trying to make sure the application, always an NT Win32s compliant
app - never native 3.1 - makes the best choices for memory allocation,
if any are applicable, under NT and Windows 3.1



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        I  have used Borland C++ for developing a Windows Application. The
program has grown to a very large size and now I am having problems. I
use the large memory model. The situation now is that whenever I add a
character string or dialog box or any such things, it starts crashing
during execution. I f I remove whatever I had added it runs well. I
have to use 'malloc' for every char string I use. I guess this is a
memory problem. My question is how do I modify the '.def' file or
options to overcome this problem. If I increase the heap or stack size
by a small amount, it makes no difference. If I increase it by too
much, the data segment exceeds 64K. I don't know what's the problem,
but i am sure quite a few of you guys must know exactly what's going
on. Please reply as soon as possible.

Thankyou for paying attention,

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