Q: EditBox colors ......

Q: EditBox colors ......

Post by C.Blou » Fri, 04 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi ....

I have a problem with transparency  ....

This remedies the situation:
SetBkMode ((HDC) wParam, TRANSPARENT);

But, ....when I edit (delete) some characters the colors start to
smear !

        LogBrush.lbColor = rgbBackColor;
        LogBrush.lbStyle = BS_SOLID;

        SetTextColor ((HDC) wParam, rgbForeColor);
        SetBkColor ((HDC) wParam, rgbBackColor);

        return ((LPARAM) CreateBrushIndirect (&LogBrush));

This works fine but the text background differs slightly from the rest
of the background in the EditBox ....(the text backcolor is solid, and
the rest seems dithered ....

How can I get around this ?



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Hi all

I have 3 CEdit instances I create at run time in my MFC dialog based
application as the dialog members.
How do I move the focus between them from my code ( not by TAB as from the
user input) ?
How do I mimic a TAB press OR How do I set a certain CEdit box to be the one
that is active?

I've tried :
with no luck.

P.S. how do I control the position of the cursor inside the edit box ?

Thanks All :)

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