Looking for example C code for IMAPI and ICDBurn

Looking for example C code for IMAPI and ICDBurn

Post by Nicholas Bese » Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:18:34

I would like to use the Image Mastering API (IMAPI) to burn data logging
CD's as part of an application that I am building. The IMAPI documentation
from the platform SDK does not give any source code examples. I would prefer
to drive the CD from memory rather than generate a series of data files
first. Does anyone have any source code examples of using IMAPI. I was also
told that ICDBurn might be an option, but there is even less documentation
on that program. I understand that it is part of the shel32.dll, but I have
not found any examples or guidance on how to use it.

Nick Beser


1. imapi, imapi.exe, #import and com ?

Hey folks, here's the thing, I read in this newsgroups that IMAPI the
microsoft answer to burning cds.

Unfortunately, the documentation plain sucks in both msdn and anywhere
google takes.

No examples whatsoever.

In my experience if I have to load a COM object into c, I need the #import
directive with a .dll file that will help the compiler to pre create a tlb
file full of information of that class and a clsid.
Microsoft tells that the name is MSDiscMasterObj, so I used the regedit to
find out what clsid it has and by it I then found the file that contains the
com object, the problem in imapi, is that in my system(xp pro). this leads
to an executable not a dll (c:\windows\system32\IMAPI.EXE).

So I tried anyway with #import <imapi.exe>... and it obviously ?! gives me
an error like it cant load it.

Visual Basic is a lot easier, no tlb to specify, I use only the createobject
function and that's it, but in C it seems that damn tlb files is necessary
because it contains the constants and various class definitions ...

Anyone knows anything at all about IMAPI ?
Is IMAPI.EXE really the good one or there is another dll instead ?
Is it even possible to load with import/create a tlb file from a tlb ? (even
executables may have com definitions inside).

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