Toolbar/Statusbar without Doc/View-style.

Toolbar/Statusbar without Doc/View-style.

Post by Odin » Sat, 18 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I'm coding MFC without the doc/view approach, but I got one small
The toolbar/statusbar is "sunken" down in the window, I want it
"attached" to the skeleton which it ain't now, i.e. I want 3d style.
Everything else works just fine such as docking and draging the toolbar.

If someone helped me I would be *REALLY* happy.


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I'm developing an application with VC++ that uses multiple document types, i.e
I have two doc templates connecting different views. I've got several
problems with multiple document types
1) one doc type has two views connected to it, in a splitter. When creating a
doc template, the call requires that a view class is selected. Which view class
should I use? The data in the splitter window is the same, just differently

2) The other thing is, that I want two have different toolbars, menus and
status bars per view, so that when one view gets the focus, the bars change.
Where and how do I implement this? Initially, a "mainframe" is created with
the standard resources, I know that. Do I have to create e.g. toolbar objects
for each view?

Help would be very much appreciated!!!


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