wm_char & subclassed child controls

wm_char & subclassed child controls

Post by Stefan Ell » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 01:35:37

I am attempting to create my own custom edit control that interprets the
tilde character as a cue to change text colour.  Over time, I intend to
add features to this editor, so simply looking for the tilde character
will not do.  I believe that I need to capture the wm_char message, which
provides the language-specific character typed by the user.  However, my
control is NOT receiving wm_char messages, even though the on-line
documentation states that wm_keydown messages (among others) will generate
a wm_char message, if applicable. Can you help?

Stefan Ellis
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada


1. How can I display a child control on top of another child control?

When I dynamically create a control (Common control or ActiveX) as a child
window on top of another control, I am able to display the window on top of
the control(s) underneath. However,
when I size or Maximize the View then the control underneath shows thru the
top control, even though it's not possible to set focus to the bottom
control via the mouse. If I force WM_PAINT
by for e.g. moving another window on top of the view then everything goes
back to normal..

What I really want is the top control always stay on top and opaque until I
destroy or hide it.

I create the top control as a WS_CHILD | WS_CLIPCHILDREN | WS_CLIPSIBLINGS |
and then bring it to the top of Z order   by BringWindowToTop()

Any ideas as to what is happenning? Any comments are appreciated..

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