Win32 debugging under Windows XP

Win32 debugging under Windows XP

Post by pat blond » Fri, 01 Feb 2002 00:22:58

Hi all,

I've coded a tool using the win32 debugging API (WaitForDebugEvent,
ContinueDebugEvent,...) that is working fine under windows 98/2K/NT.

It's been a bad surprise to see that it is not working properly under
Windows XP.

The wrong behavior comes from the mechanism of setting the trap flag
and handling the ensuing "single-step exception". I'm using the
sequence to set the trap flag:

    if( !GetThreadContext( hThread, &ctx ) )
      throw( __LINE__ );

    ctx.EFlags |= 0x0100;

    if( !SetThreadContext( hThread, &ctx ) )
      throw( __LINE__ );

(This code is inspired by MSDN articles and samples, e.g. "Points to
Remember When Writing a De* for Win32s" ).

The sequence correctly sets the trap flag (I checked it by calling
GetThreadContext) but under XP, I never get the "single-step
exception" that
the next call to WaitForDebugEvent() should return.

I tried a few things that did not work better:
1. SuspendThread before GetThreadContext and ResumeThread after
2. CreateProcess with DEBUG_PROCESS flag alone
3. CreateProcess with DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS flag alone

Besides, the "break-point" exception event is correctly caught and
as well as the CREATE_PROCESS / CREATE_THREAD / LOAD_DLL / ... debug
Really, only single-step mode seems to be a problem under XP.

Any clue?


PS. I'll keep trying things and post an answer if I find one.


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