Win32 - VIM - Lotus cc:mail - Do these things work together?

Win32 - VIM - Lotus cc:mail - Do these things work together?

Post by Rick Daugher » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00

The Short Question

Q: Does ne1 know how I can access the cc:Mail post office from a 32-bit
application. Normally, the VIM.DLL functions would work but that module is
16-bit and Lotus does not seem ready to release a 32-bit version. I would
thunk if I could (running under NT/Win95). Ideas appreciated.

The Story Question

Q: The Lotus VIM developer toolkit comes with a bunch of sample code that
supposedly was designed for Windows NT. The CD-ROM also had a little
sticker plastered on it labeled (Windows NT Support!).  However, if one
compiles the source code using VC++2.0 one gets a little message about the
VIM.DLL being an invalid module. I realize that this is happening because
the VIM.DLL (and SMI.DLL) is a 16-bit module and I'm trying to access it
from 32-bit code. Lotus technical support stated that there were no
options available. Sorry!  I refuse to give up on creating applications
that are 32-bit (for NT and 95) and still can access the cc:Mail
interface/post office. I have suceeded in writing a small 16-bit app that
is responsible for communicating with the VIM.DLL and supports
interprocess messaging to communicate with a 32-bit app. I REALLY hate
that fix. Can anyone think of a way to communicate with VIM other than by
directly calling the functions available in the DLL? I have also exchanged
mail with the post office by using the import and export applications that
are distribution by Lotus as a separate product -- they are also 16-bit
apps -- DOS no less -- and they are designed to read and write text files
for communication, not real efficient when you are dealing with program to
program communication. Thunking is also a possibility -- how can I do that
from NT? Ideas appreciated.


Rick Daugherty


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If anyone knows a better place for this then plese let me know...

I am coding a cc:mail user admin type program in C.  It basically uses VIM
calls to add users, edit users etc... the problem is this I want to be able
to propagate the users I add.  The only way I can see of doing this without
calling IMPORT.EXE is to post a message on the ##Directory updates bullitin
board, BUT when i open a VIM session with the Post Office name and password
(like you MUST do when adding / deleting users) the VIMSendMessage function
doesn't seem to work.  If i open a 'Gateway' session then i can send messages
but not do user admin.  Can anyone help at all?  atm i am getting my
windows program to call the DOS versions of IMPORT & EXPORT which is really
slow and very very tacky.  

Please email if possible,
Thanks in advance.



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