Assistance with PDH.DLL

Assistance with PDH.DLL

Post by Michael Germo » Thu, 17 Jan 2002 00:13:04

I have developed an application in VB6/sp5 that runs as an unattended
exe to periodically poll perfmon counters  via pdh.dll (ver
5.00.2195.2668) in NT server 4.0/sp6a and send the data to a database
for long term trending. However, there are serveral issues that I have
tried to resolve but cannot. If you have any ideas please either post
back or email me, thanks.

Issue: % Processor Time and % User Time counters of the Processor
object eventually fail during PdhVbGetDoubleCounterValue calls, and
the value that gets returned by the CSTATUS variable is -2147481642.
This value does NOT correllate to any status codes listed in pdhdefs
or the C header file. Searching MSDN returns no results, even when
converting that value to HEX (7FFFF82A). - ANy ideas on how to fix

Issue: Counter reliability....I've tried to do a comparison of values
returned via pdh.dll to those I am recording in perfmon.exe and seem
to see some variances/descrepancies in the numbers, anyone ever notice
this or go through a data validation process?

Thanks Again.