Porting 3.1 apps to Win95 / NT ?

Porting 3.1 apps to Win95 / NT ?

Post by Ernst Kloeck » Mon, 01 Jan 1996 04:00:00

As we soon have to port our Windows 3.1 applications to Windows 95 and
Windows NT I am looking for information on the fundamental differences
between Win3.1 and Win95 / WinNT.

First of all, is there a good book on the internal workings of Win95 /
WinNT, an equivalent of Petzold's book for Win3.1 ?

Also is my assumption correct that programming for Win95 or WinNT is
basically the same ?
(I conclude that from the fact that Win95 compliant programs also run on

Thanks for any info, Ernst.




1. Porting winsock app developed under NT to 3.1 ???

I've got a little winsock application that just opens a socket to a
another node, does a little reading and writing, and closes. Nothing
complicated.  I wrote this using Visual C++ 2.0 under Windows NT.

I now need to have the application run under Win 3.1 or Win for WG.

I can't find any documentation that really spells out some way to
accomplish this using VC++ 2.0.  Do I need to obtain a Windows
version of some compiler and recompile under Windows, or is there
any way getting this done under NT?

I'd appreciate any pointers!



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