Print and Print Preview

Print and Print Preview

Post by Bill McFarla » Sat, 13 May 1995 04:00:00

I am printing a list of records several pages long, and I can not seem to
get the print preview to match the printer output.  I have tried to change
to fonts to match but without any success.  I am using VC++ 2.1.

Can anyone help?


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1. Rich Edit Control Printing Problem (like the print preview problem)

I've been using the Windows Rich Edit Control to add RTF to some software.
Problem is that when  I print out, what happens is that the text on the
can be 'clipped'. I know there is a known problem with print preview with
the RichEdit (problem has been around for a while but 'mysteriously' wasnt
for windows 98) - and this is like a less dramatic version of the same
Basically I use the same RichEdit to draw to different areas of the same
by repeatedly loading it with data then FormatRange - ing it to the screen /

I can't see how its a 'clip rect' thats doing if - what I mean is say I have
a control
.. *every* line (not just the longest one) can be 'unfinished' - bits or
even full
letters can be missing.

Its strange cos sometimes it prints fine, then a subtle change somewhere
can cause the problem to appear just in certain places.
Any suggestions? I've searched the newsgroups for a solution and I couldn't
see it - although the search gave the impression the RichEdit is .. erm ..
not quite as bulletproof and robust as it could be..:)
(I've printed from Windows95 and Windows98 to an HP4000TN, the rich edit is
wrapped using an MFC CRichEditCtrl, compiled using MSVC++ 6)
Thanks in advance,

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