Program needed to print an image to my printer driver.

Program needed to print an image to my printer driver.

Post by Jaso » Sat, 12 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I am looking for someone to write an application for me.  

I need a program that will send a .jpg file and some text to a printer
driver that is already installed on my system.

The only trick is that I need to change the the text portion and reprint
the .jpg 25000 times and I would prefer to not do it manually :)

If you are interested... Please indicate so and we'll get more detailed.



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I am trying to figure out how to create (or if one already exists) a
printer pool. Only, this printer pool is NOT a queue. It is a print
job submitted once, that automatically prints out to many different
printers that I want to setup.

So, assume you have clicked "print" from your application, then assume
that you have chosen this pool of printers. If you have 5 printers in
the pool, then you have 5 copies printed out, 1 copy on each printer.

I would LOVE to have a setup where it is a local pool setup, but the
printers are on indiviual machines. The printers I intend on using are
not printers, they are software imagers that will export the intended
print to a file format. Each of the printers in the pool will handle 1
of 5 formats.

Anyone have any ideas of how to do this or if something already



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