ActiveX control doesn't display on PIE

ActiveX control doesn't display on PIE

Post by alok » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 21:53:51

Hello Sir/Madam !
We are developing the activex control for the PDA.while
my activeX control on web through PIE ..It doesn't show
any error message or
it won't display anthing on PDA screen.
My activeX control is successfully registered on PDA and,
if i am
using EVB application then i am able to run the activeX
control on
PDA but not with the PIE.
The following hardware/software we are useing for
and for the testing procedure-

Hardware -
   IPAQ    Model No 3630.   compaq.
Software -
   ActiveX built on EVC++ 3.0.
   HTML page to disply the ActiveX control.
   EVB 3.0 activeX application container.

My activeX control is OLE based and it uses Apartment

My activeX control is using some external dll's also which
successful registered on PDA.

Please help me to find out some of answers for the
Questions :-

[1] Is there any limitation on PIE to disply the ActiveX
[2] How i can update new PIE version ?
[3] If com is not supporting the Apartment threading model
what should i do to change it in "FREE" model ?
[4] Is there any other way to call the Activex on webpage
    using the html object tag ?
[5] How can check the version of PIE into PDA?

If possible try to help me out ....

Thanks & Regards


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I have the following code...
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 case WH_QUERY :
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  SendDlgItemMessage (hDlg, WH_QUERY, LB_ADDSTRING, 0,(LONG)(LPSTR) wh_query);

(strange indentation is so that it'll fit on one line)

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