edit box in dialog app not showing unicode

edit box in dialog app not showing unicode

Post by Ross » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 10:51:05


Stuffed up in my first post.. it should have read as follows:

I've written a dialog based app with an edit control on it. As I am
getting further and further into it, eventually it will be using some
other means to put Chinese characters in (WM_SETTEXT) but for now, I
have the problem that I can set the font (WM_SETFONT) for the edit
control to a GB2312 font (SimSun, using the GB2312_CHARSET), but when
I go to copy/paste characters from Character Map into the edit box,
they just appear as question marks. Same if I hold down ALT and type
in the key sequence, more question marks. Why is this? If further
clarification is needed I can paste snippets of code that would give
more insight. Would it be unicode related?

Ross Cousens


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I will really appreciate if some one could give me quick hint as to how NOT
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If I let my main MDI app come up, then create my mode-les dialog boxes and
hide the app then, the mode-less dialogs are also hidden alongwith it.I have
been able to get round this by "creating" but not "showing" duing
InitInstance(0 and it works. Modeless dialog boxes show up where as app's
main window does not.

Hoever I was wondering if there is a better and the "right" way of doing so
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