WinDbg with IEEE 1394

WinDbg with IEEE 1394

Post by Nate Bushma » Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:46:38

Can WinDbg debug over IEEE 1394?

If so, is it capable of debugging drivers at the start
of the boot process?

My concern is that it if I use IEEE 1394 I may not be able to debug my
volume filter driver (whose Start registry value = 0) during its DriverEntry().

If IEEE 1394 works just fine, are there any
particular adapters that you'd recommend?

And, are there any adapters you'd avoid?


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We need to use a IEEE 1394 Controller with Windows 2000 Beta 3.
Our controller-board is based on  PCILynx chip of Texas Instruments, while
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Does any LYNX-compatible driver for Windows 2000 exist?
Thank you in advance for your attention!

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