ODBC, WinExec(), & Word 6.0

ODBC, WinExec(), & Word 6.0

Post by Jon Peccarell » Thu, 06 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I am writing a Wordbasic macro which accessess data trhrough ODBC.
I am using Access 2.0.  I have a Borland Pascal program which
calls Word and executes the macro.

  WinExec("Winword.exe /MLoadMacro")

the only problem is that ODBC is not querying correctly.  It is
supposed to (and does it run any other way) query a database if the
user picks a different item in the list box, and fill in the combo
box at the bottom with the queried info.  But it doesn't do it.

SQLEXECQUERY returns -1.  SQLCountErrors returns 0.  What gives?

Please help me out because I have talk with Microsoft in the past
about problems that I am encountering with this project and they
are ignoring me.  Makes me what to continue developing products for
their O/S.

Jon Peccarelli


1. MS-WORD 6.0 WLL & ODBC DLL Add-Ins


Has anyone had problems with the wbodbc.wll add in for Word 6.0 ?.

Firstly I had problems connecting to a ODBC DataSource (Borland Interbase),
although I have no problems getting to it with a Borland C++ prog.

MS gives you the source to wbodbc.wll with the Office Development Kit to
'customise' for various odbc drivers, but if I compile this, without changes,
under MSVC v1.5, then Word crashes with a GPF in the the wll when I attempt
to access it.

Do I need to compile this with v2.0 of MSVC ?, the makefile out of the box
failed under v1.5.

Thanks in Advance


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