How does one add a printer driver with their install program?

How does one add a printer driver with their install program?

Post by Zyx » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

        We have written a program that has the ability to be "printed" to from
other programs. (much like a fax program can be printed to from, for example,
a word processor)  We have written the necessary "printer" driver, and we use
the Wise installation system to install our program and the driver.  However,
we have only yet been able to make the Wise installer automatically add the
driver to Windows 3.1x.  We wrote an OEMSETUP.INF and put that in a
directory with the driver file so we can simply use the Windows95 "Add
Printer" feature in the Printer control panels to add that driver to
Windows95.  However, we have not been able to get the driver installed on NT.
        Is Wise capable of installing this driver to 95 and NT?  If not, is
there some sort of API that adds a printer driver to 95 and NT?  Just out of
curiosity, I tried installing Winfax Lite 4.0 on NT 3.51, and despite it's
being a 16bit program with a 16bit print-to driver, it installed fine and I
was able to print to it.
        Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.  Please email me if you
need any more info.  Thanks!



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