Named Pipe questions

Named Pipe questions

Post by Thomas Scheideric » Sun, 27 May 2001 14:59:13

I have my Named Pipes working pretty much, but have a few situations
where it doesn't work or I don't understand something about it and I
wanted to clear up a couple of things.

1. Named Pipes uses Netbios, correct?  I found that if I have my target
machine defined in my Hosts file, the client (the machine that is trying
to connect to the pipes - \\machine\pipe\pipename), can't find it.  I
get an error 53 - "The network path was not found".  I can ping the
machine fine - this is with NBTSTAT -c showing no cache.  If I put my
target machine in the LMHOSTS file and do a NBTSTAT -R to reload the
cache, it works fine.

2. If I delete the LMHOSTS file and do an NBTSTAT -R, which will clear
the cache, it still works???  Where is it getting the name from.  The
cache is now empty and there is no LMHOSTS file.

3. Is Named Pipes strictly Windows and Netbios?  Does this mean that
UNIX can't connect to the Named Pipe and transfer information?  I
thought it could, but if Named Pipes is a Netbios thing, then how can
UNIX do it?

4.  I found that I could not get it to work at all with an AOL
connection (which I use only as an internet pipe), but I can't use
Windows Explorer to map to my machines either.  I figure this is because
Windows Explorer use Netbios to connect and not TCPIP (hosts file) to
connect - where Sql Server and PCAnywhere can connect to the machine
fine.  I assume that AOL has a problem passing NETBIOS through it and
this is why my Named Pipes don't work.

Any information would be appreciated as I am trying to get a project
going using Named Pipes for my communications, and the more I understand
it the better.




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