Fast Display of images ?

Fast Display of images ?

Post by Gerhard Blahusc » Fri, 30 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I am searching for the fastest way to bring images form a framegrabber
in a window.

Currently I use the following way:

- before the grabbing starts I create a BitmapHeader
- during the grabbing the framegrabber writes alternatly in two
differnt buffers (using asynchron mode)
- while the framegrabber writes in one buffer I use the other buffer to
display the image with SetDIBitsToDevice()

This works, but not fast enough.
Has anyone encountered the same problem?  I would highly appreciate any
suggestions on how to accelerate the display of the image.

Thanks for your help



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    I need advice on the fastest way (in software)
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on a fast PCI bus A/D board to local memory.  My
desire is to achieve at least 20 frames per
second, but 30 would be ideal.  I'd also like to
be able to specify custom colormaps.  I'm new to
this sort of programming problem, so I just need
some direction right now.  Thanks.


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