Help in printing

Help in printing

Post by Alexander Osipo » Tue, 30 Nov 1999 04:00:00

There is an old DOS application that spawns an external Windows MFC based
program passing data to it. The purpose of the external Windows application
is to print the data passed from DOS program on any printer using Win
printing teqnique.

The problem - when the printing application is spawned from under DOS (as
intended) the printing process takes an incredibly long time! Each line (on
ink jet printer) is rendered nearly a minute!!! However, when the program is
started standalone it prints normally, almost immediately after print
command as it should be... The program prints normally even if running
standalone while DOS application is loaded in memory at the same time.
Visually the program prits while spawned like MS Word when the background
printing is set in its options.

Does anybody know how to force the program to print faster whiloe spawned in
this scenario? Is there any hint where to look for the information?

Thanks in advance, Alexander.


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Hi there,

I've got an .INS file that has all the details of my ISP (I change ISP
sometimes) but there's no way I can run it without installing Internet
Explorer v3.0x first as this browser installs ICW and associates the
.INS with it.  I tried it with equivalent version of Netscape but that
does not associate the .INS file with anything.

Can I setup ICW separately as this could be all what I need?  But how?

I work on several PCs and sometimes I have to setup DUN to a specific
ISP and Win95 doesn't always have DUN installed.  I would just like to
use my configured .INS file by running it, which in turn can install
DUN if it hasn't been already installed, and setup the dial-up icon
from the info given in the .INS file.

Could you please help me?  Please e-mail if you can. Thanks very much.

Note: please remove  -nospam-  from my email address before replying.

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