TransferBuffer when main window is dialog box

TransferBuffer when main window is dialog box

Post by Ken Schneid » Sun, 22 Aug 1993 16:21:33


I finally figured out how to use a dialog box as my main window, but now
I'm confronted with the problem of using a transfer buffer.  The manual
says that when a modal dialog box is closed, the data is transferred to
the transfer buffer.  However, since my dialog box is my main window, it
only closes when I exit.  So... I have three questions:

1)  Does transferBuffer still work?  If so, how?  If not (or if there's
    a better way), please let me know what it is.  I'm creating a data
    base and have a feeling that using some container class with doubly
    linked lists would be faster.

2)  I've gone through several examples of using bwcc.dll and ctl3d.dll, but
    they're all for strict windows programming.  Are there any examples out
    there which use ObjectWindows?  I don't know true win programming well
    enough to be able to convert them.

3)  If I have a checkbox control on the dialog box (as a main window), how
    do I toggle it?  Do I need to do (in the right spot, of course):
        PTCheckBox checkedOut;
        checkedOut = new TCheckBox(this, IDC_CHKDOUT, NULL);


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