Problem: Require to create null PWL files or other solution for password syncronization problem

Problem: Require to create null PWL files or other solution for password syncronization problem

Post by Peter Rocc » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone have any information/structure on the new SP1 Windows
password list files?

Specifically I need to be able to create a new PWL file with a null
system password.

For those that are wondering, no I'm not trying to hack anything - I
need to be able to bypass the Windows "Do you want to create a new
password file to remember your settings" after authenticating with
Novell.  Most users will loose the syncronization with the roaming
profiles between the Win95/Novell passwords which is expected to flood
our helpdesk.

If we can generate a clean PWL file with a null password for the
username then it will bypass this question.  If anyone else has had this
problem before and found any solutions please let me know cc'd to

Thank you.

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Hi. I've been adding a little RAS-handling capability to a Win95 program I'm
working on (VC++, 5.0). The user can now configure it to connect to an Internet
host via the machine's LAN connection or using DUN. In the latter case, the
user may select from among whatever DUN connections he's created on his

My problem is that this program must be able to operate unattended, and the
RasDial function requires that I pass to it the user name and password that the
user's ISP requires for authentication. I'm able to read from the registry the
last used user name for a given DUN entry, but the password seems to be stored
in the user's PWL file.

I've looked high and low, but I can't find ANY documentation on those PWL files
beyond the occasional and vague description of the information they contain.
There MUST be some API calls for accessing the currently logged on user's
password cache. If anyone knows where they're documented, I'd really appreciate
hearing about it.

  Jeff Clough -- Humble Programmer

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