Handling Statusbar and Toolbar for MDI Framewindow

Handling Statusbar and Toolbar for MDI Framewindow

Post by J?rg Spilk » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00


ive some problems with the handling of the ToolBar and StatusBar
within a simple MDI application.

ToolBar and StatusBar are created first within the WM_CREATE message
send to the window procedure of the frame window.

Then i create the MDI Client window. The position of the StatusBar is
handled within a WM_SIZE message. There is no special
placement/repainting handling for the ToolBar.

!Client Area

it should look like this, but it doesnt. The MDI Client window
overlaps with the ToolBar. And every child created also also overlaps
with the ToolBar.

And i dont know what to do. Even if i create the MDI Client not with
0,0,0,0 as coordinates (say 0, x, 0, 0), the situation doesnt change.
Are the coordinate values ignored when using the MDIClient class.

And also a minor problem with the Statusbar still remains. When
resizing the Framewindow, everthing is fine. But if i move a MDI child
window so that the border overlaps with the StatusBar, this part of
the StatusBar wasnt repainted unless i resize the Framewindow. Do i
have to repaint the StatusBar within a WM_PAINT message ? Or is there
any other message which tells me to redraw the StatusBar?

Greetings, Joerg


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I'm having trouble with my MDI win32 application.  My application creates a
Toolbar via CreateToolvarEx() and a status window with CreateWindow().  Both of
these windows are children of the frame window.  Now, the problem is that the
mdiclient window covers the toolbar and the status bar.  You can see the
toolbar and statusbar, but they won't accept mouse input since they are "under"
the mdiclient window.  Do I have to resize the mdiclient window so that it
doesn't take up the entire frame window's client area in order to use the
toolbar and status bar?  How else can I accomplish this?  I don't think I can
make the toolbar and statusbar children of the mdiclient window.  Or, is that
the solution, along with subclassing the mdiclient window procedure so I can
resize the status window and toolbar?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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