Windows 3.1 functions not in Win32 API

Windows 3.1 functions not in Win32 API

Post by John Rig » Thu, 27 Jan 1994 08:27:00

Just recently, I obtained the Win32 books that MS also includes with the
32bit SDK, and I was very interested to see that a number of API calls
from Windows 3.1 have been cut out.
One example is MoveTo; now one must use MoveToEx
I personally have no problem with this, but as a starting programmer,
I think all programmers should have a list of the outdated API calls, to
write more future-portable code.

1. Win32 API Serial Fns (was: 'Re:Serial i/o functions with win32 API)

Folks of

Recently, I Re:'d a thread that had been out there a while in an
attempt to find some help on Win32 API Serial routines.  Although I did
get some help from Chris Marriott (many thanks), I decided to start a
new thread, hoping that I would generate more responses.  Please
forgive me if you have read this message before:

I am a DOS and embedded C/C++ programmer, who has recently decided to
learn Win32 C/C++.  I am trying very hard to cut my teeth on Win32 API,
as opposed to resorting to visual tools just yet.  However, I have been
having real trouble converting an old DOS serial application over to
windows.  Specifically, the Win32 API serial functions are giving me

The two big freeware references folks in this group seem to invoke are:
1. serial.htm, and its associated example code, MTTY, located at
2. The free serial source code at the website that Thomas Lutz keeps
pushing, http//, which is just a copy of #1, above.

To my discredit, I am not having much luck with #1 as an example.
Therefore, #2 is just as useless to me.

My stumbling blocks are:
1.  Three whole weeks of Win32 programming experience.
2.  Using straight Borland C++ 5.0 (not VC++, C++ Builder, etc.)
3.  Unwilling to purchase a communications library package.

What I would really like is:
A simple example that sets up, reads from, writes to, and closes a
serial port, that works with Borland C++ 5.0.

I know I am asking for some very fundamental help here, but groups like
this one have always come through for me in the past.  I trust you
will again.

Thanks in advance,

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