Create a property sheet within a property sheet.

Create a property sheet within a property sheet.

Post by Andrew Tin » Sat, 06 Jun 1998 04:00:00


I'm trying to create a property sheet or tabbed dialog within another
tabbed dialog.  I found a code snippet at
and it describes creating a property sheet within a dialog.  Only
problem is his example uses MFC to creage the property sheet
and when he creates it he calls...

m_dlgPropSheet.Create (this, Ws_Child | Ws_Visible, 0);

I am not using mfc so I can't seem to duplicate this call with just
the commctrl api.  I call PropertySheetA from CommCtrl.dll and
pass in a property sheet header with all the info in it.  I can't
seem to set the window styles of the property sheet at creation
time.  I tried to change the style after it is created, but this doesn't
seem to work.  Anyone know how to create the property sheet
without mfc another way than mine?  Any help is greatly




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Does anyone know how to control the placement of property pages on a property
sheet?  The default is for the property pages to cover the entire property sheet,
leaving room for the OK, Cancel, Apply, and Help command buttons at the bottom.  
I have successfully increased the length of the property sheet and manually added
controls to the bottom of it.  Now I need to move those controls to the top of
the sheet and move the property pages to the bottom.  The Windows Interface
Guidelines for Software Design in the MSDN Library shows this in Figure 8.3.  So
far, attempts to get the coordinates of the property pages and change them in a
CPropertyPage::OnCreate function have failed.  Any ideas?  I have found very
little documentation on property sheets or property pages for Windows NT.

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