Tab Order backward once a dialog is placed in a Property Sheet

Tab Order backward once a dialog is placed in a Property Sheet

Post by Michael Scot » Thu, 30 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I've got an odd problem.  I've inherited an application that contains a TabCtrl
with 3 tabs.  This app does not use MFC, so this is all done via Property Sheet
macro's.  I've got a dialog that, when being tested in MSDev, has the correct
tab order, but when I am running the app, and the dialog is inserted in the
Property Sheet, the tab order is backwards

The app has two keyboard hooks, but even when they are disabled, I cannot get
the tab order to go the correct direction.  Shift+Tab works how Tab does, and
Tab works how Shift+Tab should.

Is there something stupid I am missing?
Michael Scott

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