help regarding the Printer driver in Windows - NT

help regarding the Printer driver in Windows - NT

Post by Prashant » Wed, 11 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I have a question

I have to write a  printer driver, which is not  a kernal mode driver.

let me explain.. My application demands  a printer driver.. which does not
send the output to  Printer but writes to a file onto disk.

How can i go solving this..

any help or pointers are appriciated..

Thanx in advance


1. regarding the printer driver development in Windows 95 using DDK and WIN32SDK

Hi all,

I know this is NT discussion group, but still i am putting my Window 95
problem . Hope i will pass through this problem.

Let me explain what all i have installed on my machine:

I have NT4.0 and 95 on machine
and partion of C & D drivers.

95 DDK in D drive under DDK95 directory and WIN32 SDK in D driver under
MSTOOLS directory.
(i also have NT4.0 DDK  in D  drive under DDK directory)

VC6.0 under Program Files(as standard)

The steps i followed to make the build.

1. I have excuted SETENV batch file of WIN32 SDK

   setenv d:\mstools c:\progra~1\micros~2\vc98\bin

2. then, i have excuted DDKENV batch file of 95 DDK

    ddkenv 16 printer

    after excuting this , i have got problems like

    if i want to add to PATH , i am getting the same problem.

    if somehow, i made all these setting and build a sample program
    under printers ,i am getting lot of errors..  like REDEFINATION or
    that HEAER FILE IS NOT AVAILABLE  so and so.

 Can anybody  please tell me anything wrong in my process or of that kind.

Any help will be greatly appricated.

how can i tackle the OUT OF ENVIRONMENT SPACE , even i go chnage the memory
size to the maximum of 32K , i am still getting this problem.

I have stuck up ,and cannot processd furthur ..

waiting for u peoples reply
Thanx in advace

Can anybody tell me the best sample avilable for printer drivers, the driver
as to write the data to file onto disk instead of sending it to physical

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