Named Pipes Question

Named Pipes Question

Post by Dave Nel » Thu, 13 Feb 1997 04:00:00

        Can multiple processes (on different computers) open the same named pipe
simultaneously for read only access? If so, how does one prevent two
processes from reading simultaneously?



1. IPC and Named Pipe Question

I have two win2k processes which need to communicate.  The processes may run
together on the same machine, in the case where network is not available, or
on separate machines, where network is available.  One case is that no
network, not even loopback functionality is available.  Is there an IPC
mechanism that will handle both cases?  I know shared memory would be an
option for the case where network is not available, but will not work across
network.  Will Named Pipes work in the case of no network hardware, or do
they rely on underlying network protocol to work?  Am I doomed to
use/maintain two mechanisms? Share Memory in one case and another IPC in the


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