TAPI help needed

TAPI help needed

Post by Sanja » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:19:22


Is it possible to use TAPI 3.0 SDK on windows 98  and from where i can get
it's  free download.



TAPI help needed

Post by Andreas Marschal » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:23:14

TAPI 3 is only supported on W2k and XP.

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Quote:> Hi,

> Is it possible to use TAPI 3.0 SDK on windows 98  and from where i can get
> it's  free download.

> thnx
> sanjay


1. TAP, Pager notification protocol, Comm, TAPI help needed

Question is based on TAP protocol.
May be this is not right forum but I feel I can get some help.

I am writing and application which is supposed to send small messages
to pager. I implement TAP protocol. I use TAPI for communication as I
have to use modem connected to the PC to send the text message.
I intialize TAPI and get connected successfuly to Pager service
Provider's number meant for text data without any problems. The mode I
use is DATAMODEM. Bearer mode is PASS_THRU. I obtain handle to the COM
port by using ligeGetID and do a WriteFile(OVERLAPPED) to send <CR>
(0x0d) Pager service provider. WriteFile works fine but after that I
wait for "ID=" text on COM port using ReadFile(OVERLAPPED). But even
aftre sending <CR> several times I do not get any reply text.

I do not know if anything is wrong with my CALL parameters or I m using
the Protocol wrongly.

any ideas ?

Nischal Doshi

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