Please help:Modem recognizing twice by lineGetDevCaps

Please help:Modem recognizing twice by lineGetDevCaps

Post by chir » Sat, 24 Nov 2001 17:35:02

        Although there is only one modem installed in my system,
                                        it is detected twice when I use lineGetDevCaps.
                                        I am using Tapi version 2.2.
Please help

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I am trying to do some internet-independent data transfer to and from a MS
Acess (or some other)database.  The transfer will be through a telephone
The client has a microcontroller which basically acts a compiler.  It sends
queries through a modem by dialing into a pc (server).
The MS Access Database is stored on the pc.
I have these (beginner) questions:
1.  How do I connect to this MS Access database to retrieve and store
2.  What kind of drivers will I need?....When is JDBC
advantageous?....Should I use an JDBC- ODBC   bridge?
3.  How do I specify a database url?...This is not a web based
transfer....It uses a phone line to connect to the database and not the
4.  How difficult is this process going to be?
5.  Where can I find some useful information/links that will help me do
6.  I don't need to use MS Access....could u suggest something better?

I appreciate any help that you can give me for any of the above questions.
Thank you

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