Multi-Column List Boxes

Multi-Column List Boxes

Post by Lee Latt » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 01:11:08


        I have a problem and I hope that someone can help me out.
I have a list box that I want to make multi-column. I don't have
any examples (that I can find). I can make the list box contain
multi columns but if I resize the box the number of columns change.
I want to define the max number of columns allowed on one row.
For instance if I have the following:

         | Col1       |   Col2    |  Col3        |
 Row 1   | X          |  1        | &         |
 Row 2   | Y          |  2        | %         |
 Row 3   | Z          |  3        | #         |

        If I resize the box I could possibly get:

         | Col1 | Col2 | Col3 | Col4 | Col5 | Col6 |
 Row 1   | X    |  1   |   &  |   Y  |  2   |  %   |
 Row 2   | Z    |  3   |   #  |

        I want to specify the max number of columns. Also
I don't see anything on selection of a row of data. For instance
when I select cell X I want the whole row of data to select.
I don't want to allow them to select multiple rows of data.

        If anyone has any suggestions with any portion of this
problem please post to my email address as I don't get a change to
read this news group often.

                                Thanks in advance!

                                        Lee Latta
Lee Latta                       (205) 730-5827


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I need a list box which can have multiple columns.  I have looked through
the controls that come with visual basic 6.0 but none of them are suitable.
Ideally I would like the list box to be of a similar style to the main
message area of outlook express.  A whole row should be selected when any of
the columns are clicked upon.  A nice feature of the outlook express list
box is that it has columns which contain small icons (such as the paper clip
icon).  I would quite like a control with this feature but a simple
multi-column list box without icons with be sufficient.

I was surprised that this sort of control didn't come with visual basic 6.0
as they are used heavily in windows and windows applications.

If you can suggest a control which would be suitable I would be extremely
grateful if you could reply by e-mail.

Thank you very much

Darren Link

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