>>>>>STUCK<<<<<< How to subclass desktop?

>>>>>STUCK<<<<<< How to subclass desktop?

Post by G.A » Tue, 28 Sep 1993 02:12:31

        Is there any way to subclass the Windows desktop ? I've tried the
conventional approach as described in Petzold 3rd ED. p.243. Using
GetWindowLong and GetDesktopWindow I retrieve a pointer to the old window
procedure. Then I use MakeProcIsntance to make a procedure instance of the
new window procedure and I pass a pointer to the new proc instance to
SetWindowLong. Now I should have successfully subclassed the desktop, right?
NOT! I can intercept messages sent to the desktop but whenever I minimize
and then restore a window, the window does not get repainted and the system
hangs itself. I KNOW that the desktop can be subclassed, just look at a
program like 'BackMenu'. Please, if anyone out there knows how this can be
done please post to this group and you will have my undying thanks!!! :-)

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