Using TPW, how do I load dialog box resources from DLLs?

Using TPW, how do I load dialog box resources from DLLs?

Post by Stefan Ell » Sun, 10 Jan 1993 17:25:15

Using TPW, how do I extract dialog box resources from DLLs?  I want to
store the English-language instructions for my application in a file named
"ENGLISH.DLL", the French-language instructions in "FRENCH.DLL", and so
on.  I can't find any clues in the source code and documentation
distributed with TPW.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Stefan Ellis | graduate student, University of British Columbia,


1. TPW : Using Transfer Buffers for Dialog Boxes

Hi there

Since about two months I am writing a TPW applcation and I am using
dialog boxes for user IO. I had a lot of problems (and still have !)
to use the transfer buffer mechanism of OWL for the dialog boxes.

First of all, the manual is buggy in the chapters (eg. p.189 of the
Windows Programming Guide : last line ComboBox InitResource wants 3
parameters NOT 2 as in the manual)
Second if I construct the controls in the order I defined them in the
transfer buffer record some of them are filled in some not. If I
change the order for the creation (New statments), e.g. all edit
control first and than the ComboBoxes, more controls are filled with
there values. but not all. Of course the programm crashes if I change
the order of the creation.

QUESTION : 1. Did any body have the same experience with the order
              of the transfer buffer and InitResource
           2. If someone could provide me better an CORRECT infos how
              to use then I would be grateful.

cheers andreas pauletti

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