Freelance C Programmer Wanted

Freelance C Programmer Wanted

Post by David Wainwrigh » Wed, 16 Nov 1994 22:36:32

3d^3    (3D Dungeon Designer)

3D^3 is an adventure builder based for the next generation of * ie
Real time rendered environments. It is aimed at 486 , Pentium and
the next generation of 3D consoles. (Sony Playstation etc).
Andromeda is currently working with a telecommunications company
to produce a 3D set top box which will also utilise the games.

The structure Andromeda wishes to build for games development is
as follows :

Engine Editor    - 3D^3                 - Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
( This is only a suggested platform )

Machine Targetted Engines               - Windows 3.1
                                        - Windows 95
                                        - Power Mac
                                        - Sony PSX

Teams of Producer, script writer, graphics artists, voiceovers etc

The teams will only use the editor and will not be worrying about
the target platform and C programming etc.


3d^3 will use the following
        Texture Mapped realtime engine (Renderware )
        3D Studio for editing rooms etc ( then converted to renderware    
                ASCII based scripting language for
                                                Player movement control
                                                Inventory Management
                                                Aliens movements
                                                Map control
                                                Game interaction        
An object orientated approach to the product would be ideal ie

        OBJECT[1]. name =
                 . Location =
                 . Value =
                 . Xpostion =
                 . Yposition =
                 . Zposition =

      The engines will have to interpret this code and manage the
game accordingly.

The game will need to have the following

1) Tile based map
2) 3D world navigation (Renderware)
3) Object Picking inspection and inter actions
4) Character Interaction


We are looking for an experienced and talented individual who has
in depth knowledge of C/C++ and has the creativity to produce the
editing environment together with the runtime for one environment.
The position will be initially * and payment will be
against completed milestones along the development of the project.
We will have a full FTP site for posting of graphics / updates etc.

If you are interested in the above position please send a brief
outline of how you would see the structure of a product, details of
previous work and the fee for the following .

1) A small demo to illustrate the principles and your ability
2) The Game engine
3) The Game Editor.

 David Wainwright
Andromeda Interactive Ltd.                              


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        Simple training programs.
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        Non-disclosure, non-compete agreement mandatory.

        Must be local to Washington DC metro area.

        E-mail short bio or resume...Include voice phone number.

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