How to retain a screen saver in the screen saver list?

How to retain a screen saver in the screen saver list?

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I ran into problem when I try to 'retain' my screen saver in the screen
saver list, here is what happened:
1) I installed my screen saver from my project dir(i.e. the .scr is not
in ...\system32 dir), after installation, it's  ruannable - when I
select it, it operated normally like other existing screen savers
2) If I killed the process (myscr.scr) from the task manager, with
the 'control panel->display->screen saver' window open and my screen
saver selected, then I reopened the  'control panel->display->screen
saver' window, my screen saver was not in the list!
3) That didn't happen to other existing screen saver list - they still
existed even I killed their process like I did to mine in 2). So mine
didn't work normally, or I couldn't retain it.

How can I 'retain' it in the list without moving the .scr file
into ...\system32 dir(it needs components from our project)?


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I am posting this for him.


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