Redirecting output of DOS app run in DOS box

Redirecting output of DOS app run in DOS box

Post by Bill Ray » Sat, 25 Mar 1995 17:40:54


I've recently been experimenting with running DOS apps under
Windows using WinExec(), and by running them directly from
the file manager or program manager.

I've found that using WFW3.11 the command line redirection
facility doesn't work. EG if you type

  format /? > 1.tmp

in a DOS shell or under DOS, the format help screen ends up
in the text file 1.tmp, as it should. But if you type the
command in under Windows it ignores the redirection. This
applies whether I run the command from the program manager
or by using WinExec from a program.

I've found a workaround is to call a command shell to do
the redirection:-

  command /c format /? > 1.tmp

and this works OK. Still it seems a bit clunky. Does anyone
have any ideas?

Bill Rayer

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