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Hi, I'm trying to write a utility to convert audio files BUT I'm running
into difficulty in finding information. I need some pointers on which
algorithms to use.
e.g.converting sample rates - Simply skipping a byte for half rate is not
good enough. Other programs do a much better job of it, and I was wondering
where I could get some info.


(Please reply direct to me)


1. How to set the audio sample number in each audio media sample object?

In the DirectShow, the raw data(video frame, audio
samples) are parsed into a COM object called "media
samples" and delivered from the output pin of the source
filter to the input pin of the downstream filter. A media
sample object containing video data holds the data for one
video frame. For audio, a media sample object holds the
data for SEVERAL audio samples.

My question is, how can I set the audio sample number for
each audio media sample object? For example, each audio
media sample object contains exactly 10ms's audio samples?
The default is wrapping 500ms's audio samples (I guess) to
one object, which introduces extra latency if delivered to

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