legal issue and printer driver installation question.

legal issue and printer driver installation question.

Post by xavie » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 22:01:44

I have written what I call a virtual printer driver, that is in fact
printing bitmaps into a database.
Everything works fine, but I have 2 issues :

1) I do not have a license for Visual C++, and I want to know If I can
release the code.
Notice that all 32 bit dlls/applications were compiled using mingw, so that
is not an issue, but
the 16 bit kernel-mode driver for Win9x has been compiled using the 16 bit
microsoft compiler
that has been installed with the DDK. Looking at the EULA, it looks that the
lack of Visual C++
license is not a problem, but I don't want to have any problem if I read it

2) Of course, my printer driver use UNIDRV. As far as I have understood the
documentation for win9x, I
can distribute the UNIDRV dll with my driver, provided I check during
installation that I don't overwrite a more
recent version. But It seems that I can't distribute the UNIDRV dll for
I want to have a completely automated installation of the printer driver
under both Win9x and Win2k.
My problem is that AddPrinterDriverEx() requires that the driver dll is
available in the GetPrinterDriverDirectory().
Where can I find unidrv.dll ?


1. Questions about printer driver installation.

We are trying to install Win95 and NT 40 printer drivers (minidriver) by
using AddMonitor(), AddPortEx() ( in NT ), AddPrinterDriver ans
AddPrinter() and encounter some problems. And could NOT find any document
describing how to install a printer driver programatically from Microsoft.
Here are problems we have in NT4.0 and Win95:

1. AddPortEx() is not support in Win95, and trying to use
WriteProfileString() to create a port name, some machines actually don't
update in registry. Do I need to write the port name directly to
\\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\...\Ports registry?

2. How to re-install the monitor, printer driver and printer once they are

3. When installation program went throught all the Add functions under
Win95, and the printers showing up in the Printers group. But the Default
DevMode registry key is 0 length and printing job failed. If I open up the
property dialog for this printer and click OK then the key is filled with
some data. BTW, I specified pDevMode to NULL in PRINTER_INFO_2 when adding
printer. It works under NT 4. I also tried to specify DEVMODE data, but it
works intermittently. There are some driver specified data appended after
documented DEVMODE structure data in Default DevMode. Where can I get those
data information?

TIA, Eric

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