Object from Window (repost with clarifications)

Object from Window (repost with clarifications)

Post by Paul Cost » Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Original Post (yesterday):

I have used WM_GETTEXT, CB_GETLISTBOXITEMS, LB_GETITEMS in order to obtain
string information from a window given its handle.

My question is: does anyone know of a way to get similar results from WFC
controls given the window handle?  I know that I can get class information
for the window, and even that there is possibly user data associated with
the class, but i need to know if it is feasable to get item information from
WFC controls and other standard Windows objects (such as MSOCommandBar32 in

The purpose of this is for QA automation and related software.

Clarification (today):
I am looking to do things like get text from the items of a SysTreeView32 or
SysListView32 or SysTabControl32.... given only the window handle of the

(could get process ID as well, although I am doing this from a separate
thread, so certain functions are not available in 95/98, e.g.
GetModuleFileName() )

Do these types of controls also have their own windows messages that they
respond to, (e.g. "WFC_GETTREENODE", "WFC_GETNODETEXT") or is this wishful